Z Longing For The True Essence Of LOVE.”

As an hour is passing my strength yearns for your company.

While I’ll sit fantasies that come to mind about you and I seductive my patients worries.

Shade of beauty the glamour Cover girLs forever fataunic sweet smell of your body close to mind.




  •  Uline for starting up your inventory with products that for start-up.

  • Progress from another era up grade to a new generation of marketing.

A long process but pays new ways that can push a small business.


The Sixteenth Don

  • Baltimore, they also called a certain part of a certain community THE DON OF LEGENDS.

Beverly Heights were the cities of all Don ‘s. It we’re an up scale community, the providence of all middle class communities.

People generated their own expenses by the trade to help build the community to make choices how to reproduct. JaMicheal the Don he were the provacater for their back bone. Mr. Ford were senior citizen of Beverly Heights.

Mrs. Ford were a retired CNA for Edge Wood Manor. She worked at Baltimore Heights Palace in her 30’s as a supervisor for all CNA’s they asked her for more instructions about dealing with patience on a day to day basis. Somtimes Mr. Ford will say to her my sweet love come over here let me whisper to you.

JaMicheal had a cousin called Dewayne he were a pro athlete of Baltimore High school Basketball team for varsity. Dewayne always wrap his risk band with red tape before a game JaMicheal was the center of attention and every girl wanted him to be their boyfriend.

Trina, Racheal, Procher, and Shemeka was ordinary young girls that always had diaries and stories that they shared with each other. Eric didn’t like the ideal that JaMicheal was indeed the center of attention. That fact remained that Eric could injest, he felt that it dawned on him that how many girl’s were fatally attracted to JaMicheal. That is how the Don of Legends was brought forth to the community of Baltimore in Beverly Heights.

Masschuettes were apoximently 67 miles from Beverly Heights more higher class then other smaller communities. “501 D-block was the spot for block parties, entertainers and hood Deboy’s and also family gatherings.” The Centeral of Baltimore malls, stores, and most of all retail.

Being a sales Representative is a good gig for most people in Baltimore. From clothing line, shoes, and all fashion wear and appreal exsisories like health care products and weight-watchers. On Saturday in 1972 Mrs. Ford were at the retail picking out reasonable deals that would save money since the value of expenses were so high.

Reggie a local person but from a different community was with Tremane, and Steve were at the same retail shopping center hanging out waiting for the movie theater to open. A group call Dice Boy’z we’re jacking a system out of Tremane Honda Accord, Reggie forgot that he left his phone in Tremane’s honda. Reggie replies, were is my phone I’ve looked over places, every were to find it in still it is no were to be found.

During the time frame while this is happening, JaMicheal and Dwayne has parked their car on far right side of Tremane’s honda. They are making plans for their friend girl’s to go out on  double dates and JaMicheal and Dewaynes plans are going shopping at the mall getting prepared to go out on their dates with there friend’s. Reggie decides to look for his phone to see if it’s in Tremane’s car he ends running into the Dice Boyz arguing lead into a shoot out and Reggie were rushed to the emergency room with two fatal gun shot wounds.

“He later dies from lost of blood.”Reggie’s father and deep remorse for son, tears running from his face. Reggies mom we’re working over time to make ends over at Barbara’s hair salon. JaMicheal and Dewayne end up canceling their double dates, on the other hand Tremane and Steve is in a world of shock that the incident occured so quickly mind-boggling and distrubing that the situation had got out of hand they went to Tremane’s aunt house in shock over the devastation that had occurred. Mrs. Ford is also, devasted that the incident happened.

The next day at school the school principal ask for a moment of silence for their lost. This made Baltimore’s headlines through out the whole city. Since the incident made the news the Dice Boyz realize that staying, likely low-key would be their best out they went to the out skirts of Baltimore to their trap spot.

Eric lost sight on his frustration towards JaMicheal popularity amongst his peers. Eric found a New friend name Jennifer she was an exchange student from New-York. Her mom moved because of high demands of high taxes.

Dewayne mange to stay study with a part-time job and graduate High school with a scloraship for UA university of Arizona, JaMicheal became an entraupreneur owning his own clothing outfitter’s store. An for Reggies passing they have family get togethers on 501 D-block. Racheal becomes CEO Sales Representative, at a marketing firm in New York.

Eric finally settle’s down from graduating college with a associates for computer tech, also planning to get married to his high school sweet-heart Jennifer and they two kids. She also work as a CNA for Edge Wood Manor as a supervisor.

Mrs. Ford and Mr. Ford live happily long lives together. Steve becomes a conseulor for the city hall and also a representative for city consule publication an advisor to build the community. Baltimore is a fast growing city for production labor, workforce and entertainment for tourist attraction.

Trina later becomes a doctor for Baltimore Maryland’s hospital main branch. She is a study mother and provider  of three  wonderful children. She we’re a A honor roll student her high school an achieved and received an outstanding achiement accomendation. She became a success at Baltimore Maryland.

Procher decides to be production work for an steady job as a line lead for assembly production for Poland. Procher steady her-self for fifteen long years to be promoted to General manger at Poland then later worked 12 years before later, retiring from Poland.

JaMicheal invested his investments into three major outfitters and became success for his cooperation. JaMicheal gave his community hope and dozens and dozens of workers a better out look on job enhancing and skilled related production. Dewayne moves to settle down in retirement with his new family, in New Orleans. Baltimore is vast a most fast pace state of the United States of America.








“If you Blossom…

“If you Blossom as a Flower, Beautiful as you are.”

  • ocean rain little droppletts Aqua sea of this World, live all as one.
  • Fine sexy brown fell the way you move i wanna get to kno a beautiful girl as you are, some one that will be their for me a Beautiful woman.
  • My candle set’s a view on what me n u would be together  your sexy eyes and smile.