Modern Day Presidential Family

Jason and Trina, grew up in school together they where very closest of friends. Tyson was a lil younger then his brother, they went to George Heights elementary school.
   Tyson told his brother that the times he shared in his memories, being able to ask mommy for money to buy ice-cream from the ice-cream man. “Tyson say’s to Jason his older brother, can u ask mommy for us.”
   Trina, ends up being their talking with the ice-cream man. Jason comes with a slow approach are you going out to the weekend dance at the George Heights elementary school? Trina then says’ I can’t wait it is going to be amazing imma dress up in my red dress and red heels.
   Tyson said, mom need us to come back home. Jason sigh’s well I will (holla at u later and by the u look very nice.) But until then I guess good bye. Monica was they Great Aunt she pass away at the age of 94 years old.
She had written a will of testament to Jason and Tyson’s mom.
    Trina, and Tasha comes and was headed for the lunch line. They grabbed their trays and were seated. Jason says to Trina, my mom is going to give me sum money. “I’m wandering I go with you Trina to the dance together as best friends.” Tasha saying in a implying way sum body got the cooties. 5th graders time for the bell. While the 5th graders going into class and 2nd graders was coming to the lunch line. George Heights elementary could hold 500 students. Tyson where a 2nd grader at George Heights. The were 12:43 pm Mrs. Gibson taught majority of the 5th graders. Shalundra, came after school to pick Jason and Tyson.
    “Hey, how did my two boys do at school today.”
      Do as the teacher ask you to.
They went to Burger King. Awwwww ya aaaaaaa the kids ridiculously loud in the back row seat. Shalundra said, y’all cum down back their with that noise.
    Jason told his mom that he would start to cut the back yard early this because he knew it would be soon for the school dance. Tyson is having a field on the Lucky Charms. The smacking of his lips together.


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